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GAK was established in 1995 by St. Stephen University as well as near 30 of the largest agrifood companies and industrial organisations of Hungary with the intention of providing a range of public benefit services that facilitate the development of the agro-food sector and improve the life of rural communities.
Our main activities include agricultural extension, information management, organising professional events, training programmes as well as managing innovation projects. We also operate the demonstration farms of the university.
Information management

The Information Management Division activities are composed of revenue oriented services and primariliy non-profit oriented co-operations.

Main services are (1) internet access, (2), web-design, web-editing, web-mastering, (3) server hosting, DNS registration, (4) database systems, (5) the operation of the Regional Tele-Centre and (6) organising workshops, seminars, conferences.

Related to EU accession and legal harmonisation, as well as dissemination of information, we have been providing translation, localisation, content management, database and web-publishing services for the Hungarian Government, including several ministries and offices, for the last four years.

Our professional cooperations are mainly performed at the international level. We have created the AgroWeb Hungary webpages we manage many FAO WAICENT related activities, including the localisation of Agrovoc thesaurus, introducing AgMes.

Also we maintain FAO's Farm Data Information Network (FDIN) website. We were initiators, co-ordinators of Visegrad Four projects titled "Electronic V4-EU Information Network to facilitate European agricultural integration process especially in the fields of market regulations, rural development programmes and food safety", and "AgroWeb CEE Network in the V4 Countries".

We also host the regional and national website of IAALD (International Association of Agricultural Librarians and Information Specialists).
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